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Bill Hunsberger: On Myrtle Beach’s Past, The Pickleball Craze & Life

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A Myrtle Beach Staple Since 1994 — by Wendy Zulanchc Benjamin’s Bakery and Cafe, is located in Surfside Beach, and has been serving the Grand Strand community their delectable and extensive selection of baked goods since they first opened. For almost 25 years, the owner, Lee Zulanch, has worked long hours crafting breads and pastries, …

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Market Common PP 9.17

A Portrait Memory for Proud Pet Parents Mollie Fout lives in Conway with her husband, Jeff. She has always been an artist. As a child, her favorite thing to draw was animals. She got a bachelor’s degree in studio art, followed by a master’s degree in counseling, and planned to pursue a career in art …

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Market Common BF 8/17

Because Everybody Needs a Bagel I’m speaking with Jason Luster, part owner, full operator of the new Bagel Factory location which recently opened, the last weekend this past April, in the Market Common. It’s located on Farrow Parkway, in view of the Black Dog Running Company, on the corner of Coventry Boulevard. “My dad has …

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A Message from Jim Parker

It’s seems like every edition is a month in which we’re celebrating new beginnings of one sort or another.  This September, I want to extend a warm welcome to Clayton Matthews, owner of Peace, Love and Little Donuts, which has landed in the heart of Market Common.  Clayton is a personal friend of mine, and we’re excited for him and his family to put down business roots here, not least of all because of what he’s bringing us— edible goodies and his nitro coffee.  Don’t miss the Inside scoop on how Clayton got started.

I’m also grateful we have the opportunity to capture the words and infectious energy of Bill Hunsberger within the pages of this month’s issue.  I’ve known Bill for about fifteen years, we have both a business and personal relationship— he’s a positive and progressive thinker, the one in the group that makes people feel good, and he’s the most energetic and athletic 81-year-old man I’ve ever met.  You can read more about him and pickleball in the paper as well.

 Lastly, we are all so pleased with the progress we’ve achieved online— growing our social media presence, launching our interactive website and improving our interactive e-paper.  A lot of thought has gone into the creation, foundation, and intersection of these three things over the past 6-12 months, and we’re proud of the increased exposure this offers to our advertisers, as well as the opportunities it presents for greater connection among our community on a broader scale.  Branching out in the online world is another community driven business choice that compliments our print paper.  Now you have more than one way to enjoy the Insider and stay in the know with us.  Be sure to read our front page feature for more detail about why that’s relevant to you.  

Happy September.  

Jim Parker, Co-owner of Properties at the Market Common, Co-owner Insider at the Market Common

Are you or someone you know doing something notable in our neighborhood? Contact us with comments and suggestions at


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Our recipe this month is brought to you by Emma Ware of the Market Common — our local nutritionist by trade, and a foodie by passion. You can find this recipe along with so many more in Emma’s Fast Wholesome Cooking cook- book. To learn more about Emma and her foods, visit Fruit Pizza …

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